Day 8 & 9 - HTML & CSS Basics

December 05, 2021


Notes and takeaways from the third lessson of neogcamp - Creating a component library.

  • Important Note: Before you start any web dev project, spend some time on the design process and create a component library wherefrom you can pick components to build your website like you would use lego blocks. This helps in developing faster and also ensures consistency of design.

  • HTML Element: Opening and closing tags + content + attributes.

Semantic HTML

  • Semantic HTML is also known as POSH: Plain Old Semantic HTML.
  • It means using meaningful and correct HTML tags as much as possible.
  • This helps improve accessibility of a website. It is accessible HTML. It helps with accessibility shortcuts on the keyboard as well as with screenreaders.
  • Eases development process. It also helps with better SEO.

Block vs Inline elements in HTML

  • Block Elements: Elements that appear in a new line from their preceding elements and occupy the entire line. Any element after these will appear in the next line. They take an entire block of screen real-estate.

eg: h1,h2,p,div etc.

  • Inline Elements: Elements that only occupy some area surrounding their content and not an entire block.

eg: small,strong, a etc.

BEM naming convention

  • BEM stands for Block Element Modifier.
  • It is a declarative CSS class naming convention.
  • It helps understanding dependencies.
  • A set declarative format helps syncronise across teams.


  • Block : button -> .btn
  • Element: submit button -> .btn-submit
  • Modifier: disabled submit button -> .btn-submit-disabled

The BEM 101 post on CSS Tricks has a complete explanation of how and why this works.

Thanks for reading! ✨

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